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Unique places to put STICKERS | Decorate my water bottle with me

I got myself a new water bottle in B&M so, I thought, I would be a great idea to decorate it with my stickers.

Those stickers can be easily moved around if you need to make changes. All my stickers are waterproof so they're perfect for water bottles!

Waterproof stickers on water bottle
My water bottle looking great!

Here are all the stickers in this video:


You can put stickers on almost anything!

Personal items - wallet, phone case, storage organisers, water bottles, eyeglass case and many more...

Electronics - laptop, phone, guitar, guitar case, tablet, printer...

Furniture - drawer, mirror, picture frame...

Stationery - journal, notebook, planner, calendar, sketchbook...

If you're looking for more stickers click below:


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