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New stickers!

I love Procreate! Something I don't share a lot, but I love drawing on my iPad!

When I don't feel inspired with painting on canvas, I draw in Procreate and I create different kind of things.

For affirmation stickers, I use the text feature and my calligraphy skills. Then, I create nice colours to go on top of the text. I love the rainbow effect, it looks so cheerful and pretty.

your feelings are valid rainbow matt sticker, I believe in myself rainbow matt sticker, affirmation stickers
Affirmation Stickers

And, of course.. Christmas is coming, so, I made some cute Christmas stickers!

Christmas sock and mittens are a MUST! Merry Christmas sticker is a clear sticker and I'm obsessed how it turned out!

merry christmas clear sticker, christmas mitten gloves sticker, christmas sock sticker
Christmas Sticker Set

clear transparent merry christmas sticker
Merry Christmas Clear Sticker

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