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Hand painted BIRTHDAY CARD | How I paint roses

Roses are my favourite flowers to paint, along with sunflowers, peonies and daisies. Painting flowers makes me really happy and brings me so much joy!

My short videos of this, has blown up on TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest and I've been asked for a tutorial, so here it is.

I hope you enjoyed the video and learnt something new :)


Got a special birthday coming up?

Sharing an intimate and exciting time in your life with friends and loved ones, like a birthday, is a joyous celebration that we’ve all been part of. So when you celebrate another year in someone’s life, honour the occasion with the best handmade greeting card you can find. These gorgeous greeting cards let you leave a lasting impression on one who inspires your whole heart.⁣

Each and one of these cards are hand painted and hand lettered.


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